A new standard.

Revolutionary technology mimics nature for best on farm results, better quality and a higher standard of animal welfare for the Canadian chicken industry.


A new type of hatchery


Farmer Owned by Demand

Tired of the old technology and processes used by the hatcheries in Ontario, a group of 21 innovative farmers got together to ask one question: can we deliver a better quality and better cared for chick in Ontario?

Turns out, the answer was yes.


Quality Meets Welfare

Newborns are hungry.

No other hatchery in Ontario gives their chicks food and water.

Hatcheries in Ontario hatch their chicks in the dark, among their dirty shells and do not provide food and water. 


Trillium is different. 

At Trillium Hatchery, we mimic nature through a natural, gas-free incubation and provide a clean environment for the chicks to hatch and Anti-biotic free food and water immediately

Instead of showing up on farms hungry, dehydrated and disoriented, Trillium chicks are well cared for, well fed and well adjusted to their time in the barn.




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With the HatchCare technology, Trillium chicks are hatched onto a separate tray with food and water, limiting stressful handling of chicks and potential for disease from a dirty environment. 

When chicks are given food and water immediately, they are less stressed and absorb their yolk sac more effectively, improving immune system and ultimately speeding up growth and barn performance.